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Kinky Jews -- pretty self explanatory doncha think

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Fetish Fair Fleamarket XXX: Jan. 11 - 13, Providence, RI [Jan. 10th, 2008|12:20 am]
Kinky Jews -- pretty self explanatory doncha think

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NELA's 30th Fetish Fair Fleamarket will be held this weekend in Providence, RI. Events kickoff Friday night with a fashion show, dance, and pool party. Vending and classes will be open on Saturday and Sunday.

NELA and The Network/La Red are holding the "Creatures of the Night" Fetish Masquerade Saturday night in the Providence Biltmore Hotel.

The fabulous Kinky Jews birds of a feather (BoF)[1] session will held again Saturday night from 6:00p - 7:00p (or whenever we get tired of talking).

More details can be found at http://www.nelaonline.org/fff.php

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birds_of_a_Feather_%28computing%29
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(no subject) [Jul. 16th, 2006|09:00 pm]
Kinky Jews -- pretty self explanatory doncha think
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Hi everyone! I'm new. I've known that I lean towards kinky stuff for a while. I'm starting to try to figure out where and how to become more comfortable with this part of me, and maybe even let it out to play sometime :)
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(no subject) [Dec. 28th, 2007|09:45 am]
Kinky Jews -- pretty self explanatory doncha think

hi, new here. jewish, maybe a little kinky. im liz.

had a thought in my head today, and thought this place would be great to ask.

so, halachically, is there any prohibition against kinks like bondage, or BDSM?

suppose it is taking place within a marriage, between a man and woman, and there is vaginal sex and no 'waste' of seed...and it doesn't take place on shabbat or any yom tov (so no knot-tying or un-tying...)

would there be any prohibition to the acts themselves? does anyone have a halachic source?

course', im not shomer anything, but it's a fascinating concept ;)
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The almost all links introduction! [Dec. 23rd, 2005|11:15 am]
Kinky Jews -- pretty self explanatory doncha think

Hello! My name is Jeff.

I'm the author of a book on consensual power exchange.

I'm the mastermind behind Jeff Mach's Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire.

I'm kind of an ex-pat Jew.
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(no subject) [Dec. 23rd, 2005|02:34 am]
Kinky Jews -- pretty self explanatory doncha think

Welcome to kinkyjews. No huge rules here.

Play nice. Play safe. No drama. Have fun.

and welcome. =)

Feel free to introduce yourself and your kinks if you would like.
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